Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Autumn Beauty Trends |Furless Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup Review | Ellen Bourne

Autumn brings rich shades, as the bright greens of summer wash from the leaves, the sun lowers in the sky growing darker, blending into the edges of trees. Ochre, rust, and auburn swirl into clouds as the wind picks up. Rain pulls from the heavy clouds, dropping down into blue-stone sidewalks, threading through veins in the rocks where tiny fragments of moss, dried and cracked in orange, burst back to life to shimmer into dark greens. Slow, these jewel-toned pillows puff up, spreading out across paths and into the grooves of boots worn by passersby with steaming cups of coffee held in hand, flowers sink back into  the frostbitten dreams of fairy tale princesses and mushrooms burst through impossible depths of concrete and tree-bark.

I love Autumn. Cool weather, early morning with affirmations drawn across the frosty windows of abandoned homes. Creeping indoors, slowly at first and then further, making a nest in layers of wool jumpers and using teacups as space heaters. I love also, the jewel tones that grace the natural world, oxblood and pthalo blue pigments picked up on round brushes and dropped into a watery world to fill out another layer of dreamy depth.

Melancholy creeps in, and we add fireplaces and candles to warm the grey. We rug up in tartan and paint burgundy and gold over our eyelids to ward away the dreary and light the winter. Human rituals mark the passage of seasons, the sympathetic magic we use to push through each solstice, each extreme, our endearing ability to adapt.

I love these loose pigment shades by Furless Cosmetics, they are all-vegan and cruelty free, not to mention made in Australia. The brushes are soft for a light-handed application and the tapered handles make them perfectly weighted for a softer layering of colour. Bringing warm jewel tones from the natural world into my life is necessary during winter to cope with this dreary city.

You can purchase Furless Cosmetics loose pigments and brushes here.