Monday, September 12, 2016

How to Get Over a Creative Slump | Ellen Bourne

You never know where in life inspiration will be hiding. It could be on your evening walk, had you only taken a different path. It could be waiting for you in the wrinkled facial lines of a man you never knew existed , who works at your local farmers market. It could be falling from the branches of trees, as the early spring petal dust the sidewalk, showing you your next colour palette, angle, subject or sentence.

Whatever kind of artist you are; writer, painter, sculptor, videographer, photographer, it doesn't matter. Inspiration is found through a wide funnel of influence, and perspective creates originality.

Whether you simply change your workout routine, the place you do your weekly grocery shop, or start taking a different route to work ; or whether you stop watching TV on weekends and start hiking mountains, a change of scenery can do your art a world of good - moving it from rote performance and task mastering and forward into something deeper, pulling up those forgotten things you have always found most beautiful, from deep underneath the liminal space. Venture into the subliminal.

Change your surroundings, change the perspective, change the place you create or the things you create. You never know what it will spark.