Monday, August 15, 2016

The Workout to Reduce Pain | Ellen Bourne

If you read my post about the McArthur Natural Products Arthritis Cream you know that I've suffered from tendinitis and back pain for years. Yes, I'm an 80 year old woman in a 23 year olds body. In January this year I added yoga to my workout regime and started doing following the youtube channel Yoga With Adrienne. I had done a few of her videos and sequences throughout the years, but never as regularly as I have this year. I can safely say that I have done a routine at least once a week every single week this year. My favourites are Adriene's Yoga for Sciatica 30 minute routine, and her 30 minute Yoga for Back Pain routine. 

More recently I started adding a short twenty minute beginners Pop Pilates sequence into my routine. I've found that activating and strengthening my core has made me so much more mindful of how I sit, stand, and even relax. This year I have discovered the epicenters of so many of my nerve and muscle problems and stretching and working out is the main reason. If I live the sedentary couch-potato life I tend to swell up all over my entire left side. From wrists to ankles to hip and shoulder I'm just in pain, with no idea of where it's all coming from. When I do some light stretching and strengthening exercises the pain pin-points and tells me where the problem is, I can then adjust the movements of my body.

I'm no doctor, and you certainly shouldn't start a new exercise or diet regime without first consulting your GP, but if you're interested these are the videos I've been doing on a daily:



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