Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Shopping Philosophically.

On a wall in Lycia there is carved,

  'Luxurious foods and drinks ... in no way produce freedom from
harm and a healthy condition in the flesh.'

In his chapter on shopping in The Consolations of Philosophy Alain de Botton tells us to be careful when we feel the urge to shop, because,

 'what we covet in a physical dimension mimics what we need in a psychological dimension'.  

I often think about the dangers of shopping too much, or shopping in the wrong way. It takes so little for a brand or business that has done a major mess-up in the past to fix it's PR image. A factory collapse can be smoothed over with a bin to donate old clothing, and the right advertising.

I'm lucky to live in Melbourne, a politically left-of-center city with a penchant for green living. Despite the intense gentrification of my area there are still some great Op-shops where I can find beautiful pre-loved clothing that doesn't cost the Earth - or my entire wallet! I enjoy trekking through the suburbs and finding hidden little donation stores. I love browsing through racks and that initial flutter in my heart when something covered in sequins catches my eye (I'm a magpie). Op-shops can be so underrated, despite the trend. I love that they don't advertise, because we can find clothing that hasn't been imprinted on our brains via fancy adverts that tell us this dress will make us look like Gigi Hadid, or feel like Daniel Craig driving a Ferrari. We just see it there in the store, and maybe the story behind it speaks to us and draws us in.

I've been loving the Instagram account @storiesbehindthings run by blogger Ella Grace Denton. She and her sister share their love of pre-loved clothing and the stories through which they found the items. There's some beautiful, earth-friendly styling going on and gorgeous low-key shots of pretty pieces.