Friday, August 5, 2016

McArthur Natural Products | Arthritis Cream | Ellen Bourne

When I was 17 I developed tendinitis in my left wrist and shoulder. I was completing my HSC,  painting my major piece (a triptych) for my year twelve Visual Art assignment, and in my spare time writing a novel. My wrist started swelling and eventually that pain moved down the whole left side of my body, with swelling and joint and tendon pain striking particularly hard in my left knee, hip and the aforementioned wrist. Over the years I've visited lots of doctors, done lots of yoga and pilates, and tried lots of different creams for rheumatic pain. It was for this reason that I jumped at the chance to test out the McArthur Natural Products' Arthritis Cream: A natural cream developed using Aloe vera and Arnica (two ingredients that have been traditionally used in herbal medicine long before recorded history, and the McArthur Natural Products'  McArthur Pawpaw ExtractTM.)

I've used Deep Heat and other pain relief creams before, but what interested me about the McArthur Naturals' Arthritis Cream was the fact that it is a natural therapeutic product, created in Australia. I was sent the cream, along with some other skincare products, but all opinions stated here are my own. 

The instructions suggest to apply a thin film of the McArthur Naturals Arthritis Cream to the affected area/s and spread in a wide circle until no cream is visible. I typically use my cream on my left wrist, around my left hip and sometimes on my neck, or near my left knee and ankle. I use it before bed and sometimes before a yoga or pilates session to help relax the painful areas of my body.

I've definitely found the McArthur Naturals Arthritis Cream to be extremely helpful in terms of pain relief, especially when applied before bed. It also smells delicious with a natural Paw-Paw scent that helps me drift off to sweet pain-free dreams of tropical paradises! The product contains 60% McArthur Paw Paw extract which is the highest amount in a natural cream available on the market today!

If you're looking for a natural pain-relief cream check it out here. 



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