Sunday, August 14, 2016

How to Level Up and Diversify Your Creativity | Ellen Bourne

A few years ago I interviewed Canadian-based artist Andrew Frazer, when asked about inspiration and creating original content he said this:

" “If your funnel of influence is wide then you will inevitably give unique expression. The danger of repetition and reproduction comes through a very narrow funnel.”

I think it's a fact that when we create a broader range of inspiration for ourselves, we enhance our perspective and creative ability. It's also important to look 'elsewhere' for inspiration. : i.e. Outside of the content you are creating. If you write books, read lots of books, but watch films and television shows with strong story and character arcs as well - You never know how this can influence what you create. The late great Terry Pratchett used screenplay tools in his writing. I often find myself using a scene from a television show, or an art piece, or even a physical action, to help describe something in my writing. If you make Youtube videos - watch films! Watch old films like Jason and the Argonauts for stop-motion inspiration, or watch talk shows for content diversity. If you paint, look at the outside world. If you paint in a particular medium be sure to look at creators who use other mediums and tools and see what you can bring from that style to your own work. Put your own spin on it. Use it how you will, perspective is the essence of originality. Experiment and switch up genres. 

Happy Sunday,