Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Farmers Market Haul | Ellen Bourne

I am obsessed with the local markets. I love going there, filling my backpack up with fresh produce until I can barely lift it, and then finding a quiet nook by the free-to-use piano (!) to sit and drink a coffee, while watching passersby moving in a rush under the string globe lights gleaming above the crowd.

I typically only buy my fresh produce from the Farmers Market. I quite like a lot of the plants, dips and other fun things available, but I find that I can make a lot of that stuff myself. So, fresh veg it is. I love wandering around, searching for a good deal, and then buying my morning coffee off a woman who calls me 'sweetheart' and speaks in broken English-Italian while gossiping and laughing with the other Barista. One passes me change in an absent-minded manner the other hands me my coffee smiling, and then I go home with a backpack full of vegetables and a coffee swirling in one hand.