Sunday, August 14, 2016

7 Things You Don't Realise are Causing You Acne | Ellen Bourne

Image by Ellen Von Unwerth

As someone who has suffered with some pretty bad acne for most of her adolescence I've found out a thing or two about skincare. Most of what I've learned has come through research and mindfulness - I take note of things that are happening in my life and understand how they affect my body and life.

Last year I had a lifestyle change that resulted in my skin almost completely clearing up. I took no hormonal medicines, no anti-depressants, gave dairy up almost entirely and started eating a near-vegan diet (I eat fetta cheese on occasion, sorry). My skin looked bomb AF. I've been keeping with the healthy habits I stuck to last year, I thought I would discuss five of the things I ditched last year that were making my skin break out.

1. Dairy:

As mentioned before: Dairy sucks. It's so awful for your body and does nothing but clog everything up. When I drink dairy I essentially lose my voice my chest and throat become so congested. Not only that but I break out under my jawline. Dairy is an inflammatory food and inflammatory foods like wheat and sugar lead to acne. And hormone problems. Bluergh!

2. Ducted gas heating:

Ducted gas heating dehydrates the body and thus the skin. There isn't really and science to back my claim up here so I probably shouldn't be publishing it, but I'm pretty adamant that the first time I ever lived in a house with ducted gas heating my skin was the worst it's ever been. And the first year I lived in a house without ducted gas heating AFTERWARD it was the clearest it had been in years. Turn the heating off and put on a onesie.

3. Products that are too harsh: 

If you feel a stinging after applying a product ditch it. You should feel a light tingling and no more.

4. Sugar: 

Sugar can be found in breads and in too much fruit as well as junk food.

5. Hormonal Imbalances: 

When we're teens we're often told that acne is 'just hormones' - but what does that actually mean? How many of us have ever done any research into how our hormones and gut bacteria control our moods, health, and by extension our lives?

 Thyroid and hormone disorders are on the rise, and writers like Jonathon Safran Foer would blame the foods we eat  - these contain far too many hormones that do not occur in the human body (especially if we're drinking the milk of say, a pregnant cow). Food and Hormones go hand in hand. The building blocks for healthy hormones are good fats such as: Coconut oil, Avocado, Raw/Sprouted nuts and seeds and locally caught fresh fish. Check out the blog Flo Living for more advice on using natural methods to regulate your hormones.

6. Anti-Depressants, Anti-Psychotics and Anti-Anxiety Medications:

A few years ago I went on anti-depressant medication. It did great things for my brain & really helped me out, but it played absolute HAVOC with my gut bacteria and thus caused the WORST acne problems I have ever had in my life. I pin-pointed this when, earlier this year I tried them again and broke out AGAIN. I ditched them and I've switched to a lot of exercise and healthy eating to try and balance my brain out. So far so good.

7. Crazy Unpredictable Weather:

Crazy weather can mess with your skin like whaa. It can confuse your body/skin as to what season it actually is, and we've all felt that 'changing of the seasons/diet changes' acne pain. Harsh winds and random humidity can cause a plethora of problems from dry skin, open pores, over production of oils...It's a hard one to combat but as always a good diet and checking the weather in your area to prepare can help.