Friday, July 1, 2016

The McArthur Skincare System | Ellen Bourne

A few years ago I complained to my mother about my dry/oily skin and the acne problems I was still having in my early twenties, despite rarely wearing make-up and taking the best care I could for my skin. I don't know how she did it but my mother, angel that she is, found and sent me the McArthur Natural Products. In the cumulative years since I have become a loyal customer due to the effects of their products. 

McArthur Natural Products are an Australian, Perth-based brand that use all-natural ingredients in their hair and skin products. The main ingredient in their products is Paw-Paw (Papaya) which was discovered for the brands use by one of the company founders in the forests of Borneo. Upon seeing the way the locals used it for their skin he decided to try it for himself and was amazed by the fruit. The McArthur Complete Skincare cream boasts the highest percentage of Paw Paw extract in a natural cream on the market with 60% Paw Paw extract. I was sent the products featured in this review, but all opinions are my own and I have personally purchased and re-purchased McArthur Natural Products in the past.

My favourite products among the McArthur skincare system are the cream cleanser, complete skincare cream and hydrating facial cleanser. I use the cream cleanser every morning and night. Three times a week I mix my cleanser with used coffee grinds to help buff away dead skin cells and impurities. I then use a layering skincare technique with the complete skincare cream and hydrating facial cream as a moisturiser. The products are gentle but effective: Using the complete skincare cream I will often feel a light but not irritating tingle around my cheeks (where most of my acne emanates). The moisturiser is thick, but not greasy. It soaks easily into exfoliated skin and absorbs quite quickly. I often have trouble with moisturisers absorbing properly in the centre of my forehead (prone to oilyness) and under my jawline (extremely dry). However, the McArthur Hydrating Facial Cream works in both areas. 

McArthur's Hydrating Facial Cream is my preferred moisturiser during winter. Wind and cold cause mass amounts of dry skin around my jawline. Before discovering their products I actually used to use Lucas Paw-Paw ointment around my jaw to help with dry skin. but it was much too thick to apply as a regular moisturiser. I have also found that the McArthur products have helped even out my complexion - creating less dry patches and less concentrated oil around my forehead, as well as reducing the appearance of scarring. 

I find that I get the best results from my McArthur Skincare System by cleansing, moisturising and using the Complete Skincare Cream morning and night, exfoliating several times a week, eating well and exercising regularly. 


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