Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The McArthur Hair Care System | Ellen Bourne

Deep in the jungle of Borneo, one of the founders of Australian-based brand McArthur Natural Products, discovered the properties of Paw Paw (Papaya). 

A few weeks ago I was sent the McArthur Natural Products Complete Scalp Care Shampoo and Conditioner to try out. I have been a loyal customer to McArthur for years - my mum bought me their Complete Skincare Cream a few years ago and it really helped clear up my acne -  so I was excited to work with the brand. Not only because I had had great results using their products in the past, but because as a company the ethos of all-natural, cruelty-free products made in Australia really gets me going!

McArthur products boast Paw Paw extract as their main ingredient. The brand creates skin and hair products with the highest concentrate of PawPaw in natural creams on the market today. The Complete Scalp Care Shampoo contains 30% natural Paw Paw extract, and the conditioner contains 2% Paw Paw Extract. Neither product contain any sulphates or SLS, and are specially formulated for use on dry, itchy or flaky scalps. I don't have dandruff, but lately I have been suffering from some elevated levels of hair loss and dry, split ends. So I was quite hopeful that the Paw Paw in these products might help soften my hair and save it from the harsh winter wind a bit. 

After trying this hair care system for the first time I noticed that the oils in my hair seemed to have been redistributed more evenly - i.e. my scalp was less oily, my ends less dry, and the overall body of my hair was a little smoother, and easier to run my fingers through, a good sign!


After about four days of using the McArthur hair care system my sister said, 'hey, have you dyed your hair?' I said, 'no'. 'Oh,' she replied. 'It's so shiny.' I had noticed that my new shampoo and conditioner had reduced the dryness in the ends of my hair, and that instead of breakage occurring at the root it was now occurring toward the ends of my hair (so, less breakage definitely a good sign!) I have also noticed that the cuticle of each hair has begun to lay more flat and appear smoother. 

My hair is extremely damaged from years of out-of-the-box dying. So few things bar a trim and leaving it alone will actually solve the issues I'm having. However, in terms of restoring as much health as possible to the hair I do have I am extremely impressed with the McArthur products and would definitely re-purchase them. I would also be especially interested if they decided to develop a leave-in hair mask or oil using their paw-paw extract!

If you are interested in purchasing the McArthur Natural Products I have been discussing on my blog, check out their website here.



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