Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Power of Now | Ellen Bourne

I'm so guilty of over-thinking the past and the future. It's probably my worst habit and the cause of a lot of unnecessary stress for me, my friends and my relationships.

The present moment is the one we should focus on. This is the place in which we get stuff done and have the ability to put in all the prep work with which to achieve our dreams. That is the miracle of the moment, this is the space in which we can create and pursue. Of course having some kind of dream or plan for the future is often what spurs the depth of our appreciation of the moment. However, when we become so lost in that future idea that we become irritated or ungrateful regarding our current situation and the time and materials we have been granted RIGHT NOW, is when the dark side of our dreams and goals can show up. That dark side in fact the irritation, anger, mistrust and invalid outbursts.

Ask yourself: What is THIS moment perfect for?

Is it perfect for honing your craft? Editing, writing, revising? Is it perfect for filming, photographing, or finding a part-time job to afford the materials you need to create what you want? Is this moment ideal to draw up a well dot-pointed plan that details what you need to do each day in order to make your idealised future a reality?  i.e. Writing 500 words of your WIP, watching Youtube tutorials to make you paintings/drawings/website better?

Appreciate the moment. The moment is the miracle of life, learning, loving. There's no need to wait for tomorrow, a friend, a lover. You are here and now, you can appreciate the colours of the sky, or the scent of crushed leaves between your fingers. Nothing is stopping you.