Friday, April 29, 2016

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus | April 2016 | Ellen Bourne

For the past few weeks I've been thinking along a few very particular themes:

Motivation, fitness, health, organisation and money. I've also been inundated with an ENORMOUS amount of childhood/adolescent memories.

I looked it up, and it would seem that from April 28th to May 22nd this year Mercury Retrograde will be occurring in the Earth sign of Taurus: The sign that rules money, earthly possessions, choice, organisation, health and fitness. This retrograde (as always) will also apparently have a strong emphasis on communication and memory - as a writer and well-known introvert communication is a constant theme in my life.

Mercury retrograde always affects me quite strongly. During the last retrograde my laptop completely broke out of nowhere (and I still haven't replaced it! Hence why my boyfriends laptop, housemates laptop, and several local libraries have been getting a bit of a workout recently) the next day my phone stopped working. I've missed buses, trains, written my shifts for work down wrong and generally walk around wondering why my head feels 'cloudy'.

The positive sides of the retrograde also affect me quite strongly: In the last week I've spent hours upon hours editing Youtube videos, revising poems and essays for the non-fiction book I'm working on, re-doing my resume, and I've garnered HUGE amounts of creative inspiration for poetry, paintings, photography posts and videos.

Mercury retrograde can be a blessing if you know how to use it.

I have been trying hard to draw the positives of this retrograde cycle toward me. I've been planning and organising. Last week I re-arranged my bedroom, cleared out my closet and am planning - when I get a spare moment soon - to re-organise my mountain of craft supplies, which will hopefully lead me toward creating some more original DIY videos for my Youtube channel.

As this retrograde cycle is about the money and the habits I'm attempting to create good ones for myself: Waking up early, going for walks, doing my favourite Yoga With Adrienne workouts, cooking and meal-prepping healthy vegan meals for myself, and planning, planning, planning, planning.

I'm hoping that this attitude toward the Mercury Retrograde cycle will draw toward me things like: An improvement in my 'passive' income streams (organising my craft box might lead to creative inspiration for blog posts, instagram posts and DIY videos - a healthy attitude will also help with this, leading me to have more energy and also to create videos and blog posts around that lifestyle).

This retrograde cycle has another kicker: Five OTHER planets are in retrograde, and in my star sign of Sagittarius (woo!) it's Saturn, the big one, the 'make it or break it' planet when it comes to creating things for yourself, your life and your mission. I've got big plans, and now is the time to begin implementing all the determination, moxie and good habits I need in order to make those plans a reality.

Remember to work that Mercury Retrograde energy to your advantage: Review, renew, refresh, re-organise, revise!

Tell me, how is your Mercury Retrograde cycle going - and how do you plan to make it work for you?