Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Japanese 'Ma'.

The Japanese have a concept known as 'Ma'. This translates to 'gap', 'space' or 'pause'.
This can be the physical space between two objects, or the psychological/emotional space (metaphysical) between two experiences, or two states of being, one occurrence and the next in what seems to be a story taking shape.

I once wrote 'negative space leaves room for things to become'. The invisible roots of thoughts are laid down, and dig into the subliminal long after we have come back from a place of being. They tap deep into our being and feed what grows.

But I've always had this theory, sitting in the back of my head;

 'Ma' is one of my favourite concepts: It is what makes stories work, and humans human - the ability to build in our heads empires of spun glass, to pass on myth and fantasy, and find ingrained in ourselves a whole narrative evolution..  Something through which prescience flutters, and archetypes are found animate.

Stories are so vital to human development, as is the place in which they are made. That space between seeing and feeling, or defining feeling.

Another friend once said, 'I wonder what life would be like without Ma?' 

Well, I think it might be like this: The Wild Inexplicable. 

It might be life in HD. 1080p. Fast-Forward. Raw experience.

Unadulterated. Primal and urgent.