Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Make Yourself Small.

Look at the micro world.

Not your own interpersonal, social micro world - but the real micro; the thing at your feet filled with tiny creatures and moss, minute organisms, floating particles of pollen.

When I was a little kid I used to spend hours poking around in small patches of grass. I would eye off a square, maybe 20x20cm  and bring myself down to that level to observe it.

I was always fascinated by the thick, densely inhabited jungles that would then appear in front of me, previously ignored or unnoticed. Leopard-print bugs and iridescent dragonflies would crawl and flutter through forests of dandelion, and tiny rivers filled with miniature rapids made by gravel boulders would trickle through them, separating each side the way the Ganges delta splits its mangrove forests into smaller groupings of trees.

Looking at the outer world, the real world is so much more interesting than the interpersonal. It's good, to see and touch and feel and notice as much as possible, to keep the whole picture in perspective.

It's amazing how small we can make ourselves, by making our problems seem bigger than they really are. Like the way cascading water pools and becomes stagnant, we can let all our stressors flow down into one area...until the banks reach breaking point.

And strangely, looking out at the macro (even on a micro scale) can pull us back to reality.

You can send yourself crazy over-thinking silly things.Take a breath.