Saturday, October 3, 2015

Painting Progress.

I paint slowly.

I like to splash a lot of water, and a lot of colour onto big pieces of MDF or water-colour paper without much idea of where I'm going. I enjoy searching for figures and faces in the fractal patterns that come out when different paint, textures and levels of water meet.

This is kind of where I am in a piece that I'd say is about halfway done, once I figure out the framing. The top part and the right-hand side are mostly done, but the left is definitely still a mish-mash and there's lot's of definition and detail to work on. Since this photograph I've changed it up a little bit, working on more stuff, the wave behind the whale, all the sea anemones, and getting the colouring in the planets right.

In reality I should be working on schoolwork, but painting is calming, and something to concentrate on when I don't want anything else in my head.