Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Caitlin Worthington is a 23 year old fashion/conceptual portrait photographer born in Perth, Western Australia. She works as a freelance photographer and is represented by W.A agency All of the Above Creative.
Worthington first picked up a camera at 15 while she was at high school, and went on to study photography for three years, receiving her Advanced Diploma in Photography, a formal course which she believed helped her develop new techniques along with her particular artistic style. A fan of fashion photographer Tim Walker and child photographer Sally Mann, Worthington also favours shooting with dreamlike and ethereal themes in mind, ‘but depending on each different shoot it can vary to something more raw and natural.’

‘I aim to create a different world in my photographs and I’m consistently trying to improve this notion. Think bigger, wilder, more wow.’

While the aesthetics achieved in Worthington’s shoots are undoubtedly stunning she assure FAWN that there is more than meets the eye: ‘I’m consistently trying to express certain emotions and thoughts through my photographs but it doesn’t always come easy to me.’
Depending on what she is shooting, whether it is a something she has come up with herself or being prepared for a publication, Worthington’s process differs, ‘I usually work with a team … stylists, make-up artists, and  finding the right model are all big factors in bringing a conceptual shoot together. It sometimes consists of meetings and brainstorming ideas or current ideas that we each have and organising the shoot to capture the concept. If it’s a personal shoot I usually come up with spontaneous fresh ideas and shoot them as I see them, I believe these are usually the photographs that are more true to my emotions.’

With everything that she has achieved so far Worthington remains humble, ‘I believe that I have so much more to achieve than what I have so far and that’s what keeps me going, knowing how much more is out there that I can do, so many higher goals to reach.’ She advises other young visual artists to keep their minds open when it comes to making contacts, ‘you never know who will lead you where,’ and reminds them to not get caught up in failure: ‘There will always be times when you fail, but know you can rise above it.’

Words by Ellen Wardle. All images property of Caitlin Worthington.