Saturday, October 10, 2015

25 Things to do this Spring

Spring has officially sprung! Which means all the Magnolia flowers are blooming along Gertrude St, Gelati vans are taking over the city, and babes in maxi skirts are billowing about the city. Life is just better without winter hanging over your head. Take advantage of the fresh air and mysterious strangers smiling behind their sunglasses with this list of 25 things to do this spring when you're bored.

1. Hone your Hula Hooping skills:

There's nothing I love more than Hula Hooping when it comes to exercise. Mostly because you can learn tricks! There are millions of tutorials on Youtube that can teach you simple to advanced hula hoop tricks and work on your technique. There are also often hoop classes and workshops available in lots of cities, so hit up Google and see if you find a guru who can help you with your flow!

2. Clean out your closet:

It's called a 'Spring Clean' right? I did this last year, successfully downsizing my closet only to spend yet another year buying clothing in order to fill the emotional holes I tore in myself over my year of poor decision...Wait what? No. I mean yes, I make shitty life decisions & shop too much, but cleaning/organizing feels good. You should do it. Donate some stuff, by now you probably hate all of your clothes anyway because you're probably a woman and some giant billboard somewhere has told you to burn your house down this season and start from scratch because #aspiration.


3. Start your 'summer reading':

Preferably in a park ft. strawberries. There's nothing quite like reading to take your mind off the last mistake you made, your awful decision-making skills and terrible taste in men...I mean what? The sun is shining, you don't need to be thinking about bad stuff or winter weight or even how much body hair you seem to have developed over the last three months. Delve into something with juicy prose and full sentences. Pick up some Thompson or Bukowski and get inspired to start your morning with cocaine and a shotgun. Run for mayor or something. Reading makes you happy, books are best consumed with sunshine.

4. Visit a museum:

I dig museums. They have it all; history, nature, weird taxidermied things, dinosaur skeletons, crazy crystals. Museums are kind of what I want my future house to look like, if said future house is also interactive I'm okay with that. 

5. Go to the beach:

And explore! Just because it's not quite summer yet doesn't mean you can't go to the beach. Have a bonfire, have a hula hoop party with one of these babies.     


6. Get Gelati:

Why? Because it is delicious, and basically also edible pastel paint...kind of. Regardless, gelati and the beach is one of my favourite childhood memories. So worth it when the sun's on your back, and spring is in the air.

7. Go camping:

 Camping is one of my favourite activities and always has been. Ever since I was a little kid having outdoor Christmas in a tent (much easier for Santa to bring presents into than down a chimney, trust me) by the beach, huddling up next to goanna's while I read my new books (because shocker, that's what I want for Christmas) in a tree. Camping is of course served best in the warmer months, and preferably close to a nice body of water such as a lake, river or ocean. Fill up a car with your best buddies, or maybe just your significant other, pack a heap of food and drink and say kumbaya.

8. Find a waterfall:

Waterfalls are peaceful, clarifying things that you can sometimes also jump off/slide down into an even funner pool of water. I'd recommend taking the kind of roadtrip this spring (ft. your ride or die crew, of course) to find one. You can google swim-able spots, or ask around to find a cool place. If you're in or close by to Melbourne Concrete Playground has this cool guide.

9. See the botanical gardens in your city:

Botanical gardens are beautiful all year round, but especially during the spring time when all the flowers bloom. I love reading in gardens and park, under the shade of trees, listening to the sound of busy bee's harvesting pollen, and birds in the trees above. 

10. Start taking advantage of music festivals:

 Because 'tis the season! All throughout spring and summer music, city and street festivals will be popping up. If you're in Australia check out Laneway festival, St Kilda Fest and the Melbourne Festival over the coming months. There are also myriad smaller 'renegade' festivals, Bush doofs and bigger, more commercial festivals around.

11. Plant something:

Because there are few things more satisfying than weeding, plotting and planting a patch of ground on a nice day. I worked up a sweat and some endorphins the other day weeding my  garden plot and planting some chilli and strawberry plants.

12. Take your paints and hit up a park:

Because painting inside on a day like today is silly! Look outside, look at that superior sunlight - you gonna get some damnnnn precise painting done if you pack a bag with paint, brushes a jar and a palette. Don't be afraid to take a big piece out, just be careful you don't get caught in a sunshower!

13. Visit a Theme Park:

 For the sheer nostalgic thrill that is rollercoaster rides. There are few things better, especially when you're bored, the sun is out and theme parks have fairy floss and gelato.

14. Take a Road Trip:

Byron Bay, the Sapphire Coast, the Great Ocean Road, there are plenty of beautifully scenic routes you can take for a few days with your best buds or significant other in order to see this great country of ours. Go crazy and take a trip out to Alice Springs to see the magnificence of Uluru, or keep it simple with a little camping/caravaning by the beach.

15. Go Solo:

If you've got the time and can wrangle it, try going on a solo trip this summer. I have a plan to head to Byron Bay by myself sometime within the next few months if I can. I want to explore nature, sun, sand, surf and forests, drink cider on the beach, meet strangers and just be completely alone in a space where nobody knows me for a bit. I think doing things by yourself is really freeing, and I always have more confidence when nobody knows me, and I'm a temporary player. Permanence is scary!

16. Volunteer:

Because it's a good way to meet new people. You can volunteer at music festivals, for NGO's or other organisations, in kitchens/cafes...Volunteering doesn't necessarily mean giving old men sponge baths (though feel free if that's your jam!)

17. Build a Fort:

But do it in style. This isn't a blanket fort. We're in spring not winter. Use your gauzy-est fabrics, longest string of solar powered fairy lights and gather some fruit, iced tea and your favorite friends. Mix some vodka into said iced tea, because why not?

18. Throw a Party:

If the long winter left your social life feeling a bit stale there's no better way to combat that than by surrounding yourself with as many people as possible. Your party could be anything from a movie night featuring lot's of cooking (pita bread pizzas are a great idea when lot's of people are cooking because you can divvy up and swap ingredients), to pre-drinks, to a general shindig or barbecue. Put on some tunes and pull out your blender (for cocktails, obvi).

 19. Learn Circus Tricks:

Poi, devil sticks, fire-twirling, etc. You can Youtube tutorials or rope a friend into teaching you if they know any cool tricks. Start with the basics and use said basic skills to shock/impress friends who have noooo idea how you're doing what you're doing. You tricky. 

20. Paint a Mural:

Chalk, paint, on a wall, on a board, on your garden path. Paint sunflowers, paint (or alternatively draw with chalk for renters) whatever you want! This, incidentally, is also a really fun activity to have out at parties and barbecue's.

21. Do that Spring Clean:
Because Spring cleaning really is like a deep cleanse for the soul. Just yesterday I took an entire bag of clothes and dresses down to a consignment store for resale. Melbourne locals can try Penny Lane on Sydney Road or Mutual Muse on High St to see if your coolest but least-worn clothes are worth a few bucks in vintage.

22. Make a Dream-catcher:

 As far as 'easy' crafts go Dream-catchers can start off simple and become more and more intricate depending on your vision. You will need a small hula hoop, ribbon, lace, wool, twine, etc, beads, feathers and any other decorations you can think of. My favourite dream-catchers I've ever seen have had the knot/eye made out of battery-operated fairy lights. Too cool.

23. Start a new hobby:

The other day my friend told me I needed a 'get out of the house' hobby because all of mine (writing, reading, painting, gardening, blogging, crafting -god, nana much?) take place indoors, usually at my desk & while I'm wistfully staring at awesome dogs being walked past my window. So, whether it's Tai Chi in the park on Sunday mornings, evening Yoga, or a life-drawing class I need to find me a new hobby that takes up some time, gets me outdoors and helps me stay creative. I think a painting or drawing class is on the cards.


24.Visit a Psychic:

Why not? There are probably hundreds of psychics in your area (especially if you're in a city!). You could have your palm or tarot read, aura photographed or anything else. You might be surprised, I've heard some pretty crazy stories about people visiting psychics and learning old family secrets. You never know what could happen, and even if nothing does...Well, you tried something new!

 25. Write a Novel:

This might seem like a massive stretch to finish within a season. However November (aka: National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo) occurs during Spring (for my southern hemisphere babes) and many, many people seem to manage out the 50,000 word draft manuscript that the contest asks for. Start writing! You don't have to take it seriously at all. Let it get weird, let a space cacti kidnap the ambassador of mars who is also a David Bowie impersonator living in a toilet-shaped spacecraft. There you go, that's bestseller quality right there. Write on, baby.