Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Skincare Edit | Effaclar Duo

Sometimes I emerge from months underneath tottering piles of university readings, notebooks, the neverending tabs on my laptop, or new art/craft projects, look in the mirror and spy a paint-flecked grommit whose stressed out cells are in need of some TLC.

Enter Skincare brand of the gods (probs used by Beyonce and other magical creatures) La Roche Posay and their miracle product for acne prone, and acne-scarred skin, the effaclar duo.

I am obsessed with this product!!!

I started using it about three-four weeks ago when I had an enormous break-out in areas that I don't normally break out (chin/mouth and forehead) and saw immediate results. I was watching a video of my sisters (Jocelyn Patricia) and she recommended it. I quickly buzzed her a text asking if it was worth the hype and she sent me back some 'before and after' photos which convinced me that yes, it certainly was.

 First Impressions:

Upon applying the effaclar duo after the first two steps of my usual skincare regimen (I use the MacArthur system, which you can read more about here - it's great if you, like me, have horrendously dry skin) I felt a little tingle. My sister told me to forego night moisturiser for the first three days and see how I went.

Over those first few days using the effaclar duo there was definitely a little bit of flaking and peeling, but not a drying painful kind. This was more just like the product was telling my skin how to behave and encouraging those problem patches to act more like the not-so problematic patches. Kind of like when your parents ask why you can't be more like your super-polite best friend - but this I appreciated.

It cleared fresh scarring and quickly reduced upcoming spots within the 'visibly improves skin within three days' guarantee glossed upon this tiny little bottle of French wonder-ment! And over the last three-four weeks it has become a necessity. I feel like it's re-training my skin to act like the 22 year old organ it actually is rather than the snotty 15 year old it wishes it still belonged to, like it's vacuuming impurities from my pores, and like it's smoothing over my scarring and hyper-pigmentation the way time eventually smooths over all awkwardness with old bed buddies.

I also find that it discourages new breakouts even if I'm wearing make-up. My skin hates make-up, I mean it hates everything most of the time, but sleeping in make-up is just something I shouldn't do. However, on the few occasions I've 'forgotten' to cleanse before bed I've noticed the effaclar duo doing something in the form of a protective barrier, and I wake up without any new spots! So, that's good. Bad habit, but good.

I will literally give this product a 10/10. It actually does what it says, crazy! Not only that but it does it to great and highly visible effect.