Monday, July 13, 2015

Exploring the Brighton Beach Huts.

Brighton Beach in Melbourne is a sister-beach to the ultra-famous British version.

A few weeks ago my family came to visit me and we had a little adventure exploring the Brighton Beach Huts. The Brighton Beach Huts were originally used as changing rooms back in the day when it was unacceptable to flash your ankles to passersby and bathing suits went down to your knees. These days they're a massive tourist attraction and a fun way to pass the time if you're in St Kilda and feel like pretending to be a gangster.

My shirt and jacket are both thrifted, glasses are by MinkPink, jeans are Topshop Jodi's and my boots are the usual Dr Marten 8-eye in powder blue. Same damn boots I wear everyday. 

We spent a little bit of time in St Kilda, exploring places with names like Shakespeare Lane (!) hanging out near Luna Park, which was unfortunately closed - sucked because I really wanted to go on a rollercoaster that weekend! We ate some Macaroons, drank coffee and explored a multitude of Gelato stores.

I also took a little footage & turned it into a bit of a mini daily vlog:

Xo Ellen