Sunday, March 22, 2015

The UPDATED Skincare Routine (DRY/WINTER) | Ellen Bourne

In ye olde southern hemisphere (straya!) we're currently transitioning into Autumn/Winter. During this time of year my skin becomes so horrendously dry it could write, direct, and star in an episode of Faulty Towers all by itself. In order to slough away the dead skin cells and attempt to force-feed it moisture (the essence of wetness!) like an overbearing mother, I introduce a few nifty little tweaks to my usual skin care regime. Here they are:

1. Coffee Grinds:

During winter coffee grinds are my savior, my love, my OTP. This is another skincare gift from the god of all things skin (my housemate). I take the grinds from the bottom of a percolator and keep them in a container in my bathroom to use as an exfoliant. It's pretty much life-changing & my skin has been consistently improving (bar a few breakouts, but much less than usual and usually much less severe) since beginning to use them regularly.

I use coffee grinds by lathering up my cleanser (I use the MacArthur system which you can read more about here)  and then grabbing a small handful of the grinds to sort of mix it all in together. Then I just slap it on my face & scrub a bit.

Coffee grinds are obviously a little drying but use a good moisturiser and oil you should be fine.

2. Sukin Purifying Facial Masque:

I had been looking for a good tub of face mask when I stumbled across this little beauty in Priceline. I'm a huge fan of Sukin. Whenever I'm short on the MacArthur system and waiting for my package to arrive I run to Priceline and make sure to stock up on the Sukin system instead as I find it's the next best thing. My sister uses DermaSukin and she loves it. 

I love this mask (or masque, fance!) because it smells like cinnamon and other delicious herbs and spices, and it feels awesome. Not only that but it's au-naturale, cruelty free, under $10.00AUD and actually works bloody well. Since adding this to my regime I really feel like the skin around the centre of my face is brighter and happier. Great use of adjectives there Ellen. Look guys, I just see improvements, okay? I'm not a dermatologist but I think the people that make this might be. 

3. DermaOil:

I posted about this oil the other day. It got it's whole own glowing review complete with pictures and those pictures were complete with pansies. I got a list and this baby's at the top. Check out the full post to see why, but seriously Gotu Kola and Calendula - that's what you need to know in skincare. That's what I needed to know, and now I know. Yo.

4. Sukin Facial Moisturiser:

I'm currently using this moisturiser as an interim product while I wait (patiently, not so patiently) for my MacArthur system to arrive again. Apparently the shipping has decided to take forever. Sukin is my go-to drugstore skincare brand because it's all natural, cruelty free, vegan, and smells amazing. It's also actually really great quality for the price and definitely helps my skin out. I'm a big fan of this moisturiser, I find that it actually plumps my skin up when I use it which is certainly something someone who fiends caffeine as much as I do needs.