Friday, March 20, 2015

The $2.50 Savior for Dry Skin:

I am the first person to admit that I know nothing about the beauty/make-up world. Like, I know more than some people, but some five year olds know more than some fifty year olds and this analogy is going nowhere.

However, I do enjoy researching and trying out new skin products on occasion. Mostly because I have the driest skin known to mankind and no amount of oil, water or moisturiser seems to permanently solve the issue. It's dry in summer, but man it's like nek lev in winter and as the southern hemisphere has begun it's transition my very-close-to-good summer skin has gone beserk-o. Enter this little baby.

I picked up this 50ml bottle of Derma Oil with Gotu Kola and Calendula infused into it's godlike formula at Priceline a few months ago for a mere $2.50. I often use coconut oil as a night-time moisturiser during winter, and sometimes Paw Paw if my skin is really dry, but at the moment this seems to be doing a really good job at being my go-to (hah!) face oil.

Gotu Kola and Calendula are both herbs with really great regenerative properties. My housemate drinks Calendula in teas and he said after he started doing that he began to get heaps of compliments on his skin. He does have really good skin, hence why I was pretty excited to use this, and to start drinking Calendula in my tea ... Although I haven't actually done that in a while.

I find that because this oil has a bit of fragrance in it I can't actually use it as often as I would like because my skin is unbelievably sensitive and can't stand to be near anything unnatural. It's like my supreme hippy-witch mother has gotten inside the brain of each of my skin-cells and forced them all to reject and protest when the system tries to bear down upon them - the system in this case being man-made fragrances. However when I use the oil every other night before bed I usually wake up with significantly brighter skin, less dry patches and a few shrinky-dinks in my scarring/blemishes. That means that they've shrunk a bit - should've just written that. 

It's probably a pretty decent rule of thumb in skincare and beauty that if a product has some natural stuff in it that is good in tea, it'll be good fo' yo face. Your skin literally eats the stuff you put on it, so put good motherlickin' stuff on it, yo. 

If you're interested in Gotu Kola and Calendula in their true herbalicious forms you should check out your local health food store, find the bloke in there who looks the most like Gandalf and have him ring you up a couple grams of 'em to make a tea with. Gotu Kola is also really fantastic for digestion and anxiety.