Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Let Go.

There will always come moments in our lives when we realise we need to step back, reassess and let certain things go.

Things that are toxic to us, things that are bad behaviour. Things that our fourteen year old self would be shocked over (because she was much smarter, and much closer to our Hermione Granger-wannabe roots than our twenty-two year old self is).

Our minds become cluttered, and we need to clear them out. We need to scrape, scrape away at the muck and grime, mold even, that has latched into parts of our brains.

We need to regress, drink copious amounts of tea, spend time in our garden, with our philosophy books and when we spend time with people it can only be with people who strike at old, tangled roots and force new ideas to grow in their place.

We need to remind ourselves to be better, be smarter.

Not to be ... The opposite of that.

To be alone in order to let certain things go is fine. To rinse yourself of behaviors before they become ingrained is good, true work and healthy for the soul. It reignites the creative fires and clears the mind free of the stagnant, cyclical thoughts that would swirl and darken if left to their own devices.

Pull those influences out by the root, get back to yourself. The true self, the place where (when you act) you feel safe and self-sustained in your own mind.

This is my current mindset, the reason I'm taking a break from many self-destructive forms of thought and reaction right now.

Sunglasses: ASOS
Jacket: Vintage
Necklace: Ishka
Jumper: One Teaspoon
Dress: Vintage
Socks/Shoes: Who knows?!