Saturday, February 7, 2015

How to Become Smarter:

Learn how you learn.

It's interesting how focused on education western culture is, yet how few people in our world seem to understand exactly how it is they learn.

Popular opinion and a few Intro to Secondary Education classes at university have taught me that there are seven basic learning styles most people will find they fit into.


I think it's so interesting to discover how it is you learn best so that you can retain more information and, dare I say it, find learning fun again as an adult. Ouch, I'm so lame. So, so lame. I might have to bury my bright red face for a month with all the street cred I just lost in writing that sentence.

In reality though, this is such an important thing to be mindful of in your life and will, in the long run, help you out heaps!

If you're having trouble working out what type of student you are try thinking about your hobbies. Mine are reading, writing, drawing and painting and I can pick skills up by watching them being done so I find I'm much more of a visual/solitary learner. I find that aligning my learning with something personal is unbelievable helpful. That's why all my essays and blog posts based on philosophy (cough, pretentious dick, cough) have a very personal leaning. I just can't write an essay if I've not found an interesting angle to view the subject from. 

What type of learner are you?