Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Besame Cosmetics Review

Hello hello!

I've made a few recent changes to my general make-up routine which I will talk more in depth about in the coming weeks, but first I wanted to review the biggest change I've made in the last couple of weeks which is my powder.

I usually use the Australis Fresh and Flawless powder because it holds a brilliant degree of coverage, is cruelty-free and made in Australia. However a few weeks ago I saw some babe on instagram post a picture of this particular powder by Besame. It's supposed to be particularly great for pale girls. As a proud member of the snowflake army I decided I needed to get my hands on it and went for a massive trek to Fitzroy in order to find the store Faster Pussycat, my local Besame stockist.

Besame's Brightening Violet Powder is a loose, finely milled consistency that comes in a very pale lavender colour but can be used on pale skin as both a source of coverage and brightening. My two friends Josh and James who are much more knowledgeable about the art of make-up than yours truly told me that the reason this powder would (and does, does trust me) work so well for pale skin is because pale white skin doesn't have a yellow undertone like most powders and foundations. Pale lads and lasses have more of a pink tone, and the violet colour seems to really set this tone off to make the wearer look their usual shade of pale perfection, while also looking healthy and glow-y. 

I will attest to the fact that this powder does what it states: It brightens the skin, making you look very glow-y and pretty and not orange-skinned the way some other powders tend to. The finely-milled texture also works well to fill in pores and help cover pink blemishes and scarring, making all those imperfections disappear a little more and even out the skin tone. 

While it provides some coverage it's not a huge amount. So if you're like me and need a little extra you might want to make sure you always have your usual array of concealers, foundations and coverage-supreme powders handy. I tend to dust a little 'Fresh and Flawless' over any areas of my face that need that extra bit of concealment, like around my jawline and the hollows of my cheeks. 

While I love the packaging and the reality of what this powder does, the provided applicator doesn't really sell it for me. In your tin of Brightening Violet Powder you will receive a cute vintage-looking little powder puff, but I'm not the biggest fan of this applicator. I find it a little difficult to use without spilling more of my precious violet powder than I would like. Although the quality of the puff is without question and it certainly does it's job without leaving powder sitting on your face like the crust of a cake (something the Fresh and Flawless applicator seems to do). That, however, is pretty much my only qualm with this powder. 

10/10 would recommend to any pale girls, especially those of you with very few blemishes who want to brighten your daily look up. 

Besame is a cruelty-free brand made in Los Angeles. The brand has a very interesting history and manifesto, if you want to read more about it check out their website here.