Sunday, January 11, 2015

THE BOOK REVIEW || Empathy: a Handbook for Revolution, Roman Krznaric ||

Roman Krznaric's 'Handbook for revolution' is really that, a handbook. The author combines information, historical analysis and practical suggestions detailing what Empathy is and how you can increase the level of Empathy you apply to your own life. This is not some kind of 'hippy-dippy' 7 Signs You're an Empath article explaining that you're okay maaaan, you're just feeling things (I promise you nothing irritates me more than a poorly researched article about nothing). This is a book which discusses a real life situation: A deficit in how much emotional education there is available in the world, and how we can combat our lack of empathy as a race. 

Of the core of the book is Krznaric's 'Six Habits of Highly Empathic People' listed below:

1. Switch on your empathic brain.
2. Make the imaginative leap.
3. Seek experiential adventures.
4. Practice the craft of conversation.
5. Travel in your armchair.
6. Inspire a revolution.

Throughout the book he dedicates parts to explaining these habits, and uses the experiences of both his own life and the lives of other highly empathic people who have inspired change in themselves and others to show how these habits can be developed further in everyday life.

Some of Krznaric's inspiring ideas include an Empathy Museum; conversational openers which will start and further discussions which teach us to switch on our empathic brains, and continuously hold us to a standard in which we rigorously attempt to complexly imagine and focus on others.

I really enjoyed reading this. Krznaric has a simple way of describing his philosophy, and his suggestions are in fact applicable to everyday life. I highly recommend reading this.

If however you don't want to read the book, you can gather most of the core concepts from Krznaric's Ted X Talk linked below.