Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Growing a Vegetable Garden at Home || Ellen Bourne ||

When I moved into my new house one of the main things I wanted to try my hand at was growing my own food.

I'm a vegetarian and have been since the age of nineteen (three years now, woo!) so basically what I wanted was a vegetable patch. In our backyard we have a lot of sunlight and a little soil plot in the centre of the yard. There's also more planting space by the fence, plenty of room for vegetables, herbs and other such things!

I purchased a small 'kitchen garden' tomato seedling kit for $5.00AUD at K-Mart one afternoon, followed the instructions planting my seeds in the little cup with some soil, then I went away (this was at the end of October) for a few days and by the time I came back the sneaky little things  had sprouted! I was so happy, all six seeds came up.

Now in January, this is what my tomato seedlings look like:

I've also been growing basil and coriander, I plant to buy some more herbs and vegetables and then try my hand at sprouting an avocado from a seed as well as some of the other projects shown in this article, which details how to regrow food such as lettuce, bok choy and celery from seeds and scraps.

I have heard of studies which suggest that being around plants can make humans feel happier. While I so far don't spend too much time in my garden (although I'd like to change that) I do enjoy going to check on my little baby tomatoes and herbs, watering them and watching their growth and progress as they do cool things like sprout a little yellow tomato blossom.

It's kind of like having superbly low maintenance children that you can also eat.

I'm planning to add heaps more of the foods I eat to my garden & hopefully one day soon I'll very rarely have to buy anything from the supermarket!