Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sometimes Your Words Just Hypnotize Me:

The other day I bought these super-fly peach/blush-pink flares & as soon as I put them on I felt exactly like Biggie Smalls in the Hypnotise film clip. Put me on a boat, girl!

Mien apologies for the not-so quality iPhone photographs, I was sans camera & heading out with my sister.

Shirt - Customised from a dress
Flares - Billions $ Trillions
Thongs - Havianas (sisters)
Sunglasses - Gifted. Possibly Cotton On

In other news, Ted X just uploaded the most amazing talk by Anne Hallward which talks about unique and 'other' narratives and how telling individual, non-archetypal stories and HEARING them helps us not just mentally, but PHYSICALLY, heal ourselves. Apparently it even lowers blood pressure. 

The idea of sharing non-archetypal narratives and creating awareness and empathy surrounding these stories in order to help us heal our society is one very close to my heart. And in the wake of current events, from Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter to disbelief surrounding sexual assault & mental illness, I think such an important message to get across

Check it out, it's great!