Sunday, December 21, 2014

10 Things I've Learned by 22.

1. You never can tell what a lesson a person will take from your words or actions.

2. Left to their own devices people will think up some pretty weird conclusions to life's incidentals, so speak up in order to avoid confusion.*

3. Regardless of whether it fits into their personal idea of how the world 'should' work, nobody gets to tell you that you're not living a worthwhile lifestyle.

4. A strong sense of 'self' is still a rather admirable trait for a human being to have - even if sometimes it ah, 'defies all logic'.

5. If you can feel a situation beginning to turn you into an awful person, leave that situation.

6. It's perfectly fine to admit to yourself and every other person you're pre-drinking with that you look really good. You do.

7. Feelings are weird, but kind of fun. Let them happen. Let your face flush red and your hands shake even if the argument happening in the room has nothing to do with you.

8. Empathy is a god damn learned skill.

9. Being the person able to make a joke or distract in times of grief is a very, very well appreciated skill.

10. Voice your opinions, questions and feelings as often as you can. Don't force them on people, just take the time to express them as clearly and honestly as possible. Your voice and perspective are the most important tools you have. You deserve to be heard. 

*This one I gleaned from a friend. I've tried to type it up verbatim because she really said it perfectly. 

What are some important lessons you've learned this year? Comment below!