Friday, October 17, 2014

The Eye's of the Universe || Zen & an OOTD ||

Hello all!

I thought I had the perfect opportunity to post a picture of today's outfit, because I've been doing some research about Zen and aesthetic meditation for a university assignment.

This has gotten me thinking about an experience I once had where I thought a large amount about the possibility of universal consciousness  & then wrote the following:

'Reduce duality between person and object. See things less as through the lens of a 'person', and more as the whole experience of being a person. Be above your own filters. Use the heart-mind, the soul-mind. Use the ecstatic part of you which which appears laughingly, childlike and without judgement to experience the world around you, Recognise even your body as being separate, and then embedded in experience.'

Zen immediacy and that 'embedded' experience has become a real obsession of mine lately: I love the idea of reducing the narrative mind and trying to become fully embedded in all moments. I am certainly a person who aligns themselves too closely with their mind, when I often feel that I should be aligning myself moreso with the world around me.

Sometimes I feel as though there's a part of us all that isn't really inside us, or even truly part of us - at least in the physical and dualist sense, but something else, behind and above all our heads - operating as a driving force. I feel that whatever it is has a thousand eyes, all which we could tap into at any given time in order to increase the intensity of our experiences.

The eyes of the universe appear!