Saturday, October 18, 2014

Spell Box || Melbourne ||


As it's almost Halloween I thought I'd do a little run-down of a great store I found in the Royal Arcade the other day (actually, it was shown to me by a friend!) called Spell-Box.

It's a crystal, energy and 'spell' store, and while I'm not completely skeptical of these ideas I'm also not a devotee, but I do have a lot of fun looking at places like this. It was like something out of Diagon Alley, right down to the decor. Once Ollivander's closes down I can imagine Harry, Ron and Hermione's kids coming to Melbourne's Spell-Box to buy wands and speciality books for Charms and transfiguration. If you're a Melbourne local, head down there to check out their great array of incense, candles and crystals. It's well-worth a peek!

I love unique and well put-together stores like this: They send my mind back to artisan times and force me to think of a world long before 90% of city corners looked identical. Too cool.