Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Places to See in Melbourne || Hosier Lane ||

Melbourne is a ridiculously bright and vibrant city, full of fantastic street art. Some of the best and most easily accessible is located on Hosier Lane right near the CBD.

The first time I ever went to Hosier Lane I was seventeen and overwhelmed, pretty much blown apart, by how cool it was. As a Melbourne noob I kind of expected every alleyway in Melbourne to look like this, not knowing that Hosier Lane was quite special. 

Despite the fact that not every alleyway is decorated like Hosier Lane, there is  a lot of street art available for consumption in Melbourne - you've just got to find it. A ride down the South Morang train line will show you millions of little (or rather, big) universes created by the city's street artists. You'll see mushrooms, rainbows and existential questions asked to universal proprietors and the powers that be. There are pop-culture and political references littered across a city filled with people who do care, and do get it. 

These are the parts of this city that get me excited; when culture and creativity mix together so well.

Street-artists also paint their works around store fronts, stations and other places and promote positivity and beauty, while giving people exploring the city something new and wonderful to find every day: