Monday, October 6, 2014

Keeping an Open Mind:

Is work.

Being open-minded doesn't mean you think everything is okay and you're instantly super-chilled about everything. Being open-minded means you've taken in a piece of information, analysed it based on knowledge, and come to a conclusion about the situation. Perhaps you have to reject it, but to be open-minded doesn't mean you take everything as gospel - you need to be open-minded enough to dissect the 'facts' being presented to you by friends, family, media and other sources.


Being open-minded means more than being accepting, it means being analytic of the status quo; being able to form your own opinions based on your own information and education of the subject at hand. That's why it takes work.

Being open-minded isn't just not 'judging' a persons tattoos or 'alternative' lifestyle, or thinking they're 'cool' for this reason - it's knowing why you back these things, it's about understanding your own ethics and why you have come to these conclusions. 

To stand against something you're seeing as status quo is part of being open-minded. To entertain various thoughts and notions, and choose which is the most ethical, the least harmful to all concerned (in a non-partisan way), that may not be the most popular or easy option, that is open-mindedness.

Open-minded people do reject certain things. You can reject the pretensions of people who claim to be open-minded but are not. You can reject things which seem unethical, but 'everyone else is doing it'. It's funny, the idea of open-mindedness so often seems to not appear symbiotic with rejecting an idea - but why not? To be open-minded means you understand that your own ethics are more important than that dangerous (and often 'lazy') status quo bias many people, who have yet to learn to think for themselves, depend upon.

Status quo bias is there for those of us who don’t want to take the extra step and think for ourselves, judge for ourselves. Status quo bias is for those of us who don’t want NEW experiences. It’s for the people who couldn’t be bothered talking to you because they’re afraid your appearance means you will judge their appearance. Fuck that. I’ve sworn a lot in this post but seriously, fuck that. You don’t need to be half-living anyone else’s life. Make your own mind up about EVERYTHING. Every experience will feel new, transcendentally exciting even, because it won’t be a shadow of others ideas.
The evolution of the ‘self’ and the ‘self’ as a whole BEING when it comes to people, that’s what I’m gunning for in this new age of freedom.
Man, it’s really exciting being your own person. I can barely even get my head around that concept, how exciting!

Xo, Ellen