Monday, September 8, 2014

[Take Two] Current Favourites || Beauty ||

While searching through my lipstick collection the other day for a red, as I'd lost both my favourite deep burgundy lipstick and bright red glosses recently (damn you, intoxicated Ellen!) I came across this old favourite by Australian make-up brand Australis. Australis has been absolutely killing it lately. If you saw my recent post about their foundation and Fresh and Flawless powder you should know by now how much I love this brand.

The Lip Quench lipstick in 'Power Surge' is a really nice creamy formula in a classic red. It's very much a 'fire-engine' red, not a dark berry red. I think the orange undertones make it reminiscent of MAC's Lady Danger, but at a fraction of the cost and with zero of the guilt!

This lipstick has a somewhat matte finish. It really sticks to the lips (but make sure you've moisturized and exfoliated them beforehand or you'll end up flaky as all hell!) and the finish and colour have a really plumping effect, which is always handy!

I've been rocking this red over and over throughout the month's of July and now August and I plan to mention in it in a future 'August Favourites' video over on my Youtube channel so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Xo, Ellen.