Tuesday, September 9, 2014

REVIEW || The McArthur Skin Cleansing System:

I recently changed my skin care routine. Why not blog about it?

About two months ago (maybe a little longer) I switched up my skin care routine from the Sukin range to the McArthur Natural Products range.

My skin was in a bit of a dire state: My usual products weren't cutting it and the dry winter winds, gas heating and copious (but necessary!) cups of black tea on cold nights had left it dehydrated, flaky, red and breaking out in places I'd never had break outs before. My skin at age twenty-one was worse than it ever had been as a teenager!

Enter the McArthur range. I'd never heard of it, but my mother (bless her cotton socks!) decided it would be a good investment and bought me the entire range. I'm definitely my mother's daughter, preferring natural ingredients over their artificial compatriots. So I was thrilled that the McArthur range contained Paw Paw and other all-natural ingredients, however I was initially very concerned that the cleanser came in a soap bar.

When you have dry skin soap is your worst enemy. You gravitate towards shelves with words like 'moisturising', 'coconut oil', 'shea butter' splashed over the products. You rarely venture toward anything lye-related or sud-inducing for fear your smile will actually crack your face after washing.

However, my concerns were unfounded. Two (possibly three) months into using the McArthur range and I'm loving it!

The Three Step Program:

Soap Cleanser:

This is the scary part. Hop in the shower or step up to your sink and use this soap like you would any other. Scrub it over your face, leave it there for five minutes (be careful around the eye area! All natural doesn't mean non-stinging!) and then remove. I like to get in there with a steaming-hot face washer but that might not actually be a good recommendation so, y'know, proceed with caution.

Complete Skincare Cream:

Next, wait half an hour. Yeah, you have to get up pretty early to use this system. Or else you could just wait five to ten minutes (which I usually end up doing) before spreading the Complete Skin Care Cream all over your mug. The Complete Skin Care Cream is like a cream-based toner. I find that it tingles a bit, not in a painful way, just enough to let you know it's working.

Hydrating Facial Cream:

Another half hour (aka: Ten minute, for the modern and busy-bee) wait later and you're ready for step three! I use the Hydrating Facial Cream the same way I'd use any other moisturiser - rub it in. I wait about ten minutes after applying to do my make-up, as I always would in order to let it soak in and actually help my skin.

The Results:

Like I said, it's been about two months. In that time I've gone from having spots in places I've never had before, to smaller, less frequent, less deep and less painful breakouts. The overall look and texture of my skin has improved. My complexion is more even and this system has even (amazingly!) reduced quite a lot of the hyper-pigmentation I suffer from old acne scarring around my cheeks and temples. It's been quite a while since I've seen a skin care system have this kind of effect. It's actually pretty dramatic!

It's interesting actually, these products start off with that tingling sensation (in the first few washes) that I've always previously found to be a bit of a let down. They appear to be working and then after a few weeks your skin adjusts and they don't make any difference to it in the long run. However, this system tingled, appeared to not be working, and then ALL OF A SUDDEN my skin (about six weeks in) looked fabulous. I mean it's not perfect, but whose is? I'm not in pain any more, and my skin actually looks better than it did pre-breakout. Win-win in my opinion!

You can purchase the McArthur range HERE. The website will ship to Australia, New Zealand the US and the UK.

Xo, Ellen 

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