Monday, August 4, 2014

#VLOGLIFE: Seals, and Finding Fairyland:

My parents family dog, inspecting some grass.


A little while ago I mentioned that I was visiting the coast in New South Wales, where my parents live. It was uni holidays and I had just enough time to scoot up there, film a few collab videos with my sister, and explore some of my favourite childhood places.
We went to Narooma where we saw seals and found the awesome locks pictured below. We also went to Merimbula and just relaxed out there, took in the views, etc. 

We got up to quite a bit, but I'll leave you with some of my favourite photos, vlogs and videos from that week. Enjoy!

Xo, Ellen

We found a place on the headland where couples clasp locks round the fence, like on the Locks of Love bridge (Pont des Arts) in Paris. How cute!

My mum and I found this crazy op-shop full of AWESOME trinkets, like these ridiculous glasses. I'd wear them. Would you?

Made some seriously good food. Check out THIS post for this recipe.

The make-up look my sister did on me, while tipsy. 
And here are the videos, from our collaboration skits to day-to-day vlogs!

SEALS, and Finding Fairyland:


Not My Arms Make Up Challenge!

BTS: Narcissism, DRUNK make-up Tutorial:

Thanks for watching!

Xo, Ellen