Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ten Reasons You Should be Following Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Instagram

A few days ago I ventured down an Instagram rabbit-hole and ended up on Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson's (aka: Mitchell Pritchett) Instagram. I'm now obsessed and here are ten reasons why:

1. His wit knows no bounds:

If the below picture is anything to go by Tyler-Ferguson's wit certainly doesn't end at his whip smarts and hilarious realisations on Modern Family. No, no. The TV star seems to have a never-ending bucket of hilarious captions to accompany his adorable insta's. Check it:

2. He made this photo/caption a thing that now exists:

3. He posts candids of Sophia Vergara, and let's face it, there will never be enough pictures of Sophia Vergara on the internet.

4. He is the most adorable person on the planet. Check it:

5. He hangs with Harry Potter and then says this:

6. He's besties with Janice Ian, and I bet he wouldn't care that she's made a wig out of her mum's chest hair:

7. He's also besties with Michelle & Barack:

8. Don't act like you wouldn't vote for him:

9. He posts on-set candids of the Modern Family gang, and who doesn't want that?

10. This picture of his husband and him exists:

All of these photographs were taken directly from JTy's (as I've now decided to call him) Instagram page, which you can find here:

Xo, Ellen