Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Someday Summary | Thursday:

Hello all!

So here I am attempting to keep up my routine of this 'Someday Summary' series. I nicked this little idea of Zoella's blog when stalking a few of her older posts. 

It's Thursday the 10th of July, 2014 and I'm writing this from my parents house on the New South Wales coast. It's beautiful here. I even went outside today because the weather isn't horrible and frosty like in Victoria.

I caught the train & bus up here about two days ago, then slept of a little bout of cold that had been coming on for a while. I'm on uni holidays (it's mid-year, duh) which is why I came up because I really don't ever get enough time to see my family, which sucks a little. Especially as my sister Jocelyn Patricia is ill. 

I'm home alone today, something that hasn't happened to me in this house in YEARS so it's kind of fun, and I'm just hanging out in the world biggest, comfiest sofa (gotta love parents furniture budgets, they're much bigger than my own). 

I've decided while I'm up here that I need to correct my eating habits a little. Note: That doesn't mean 'lose weight' I'm pretty thin so I certainly don't need to lose weight, but I do need to bloody eat better because for the last fortnight I've been having cookies for breakfast. To help me on this path I busted out my parents juicer and experimented with some delicious flavours. I made an amazing orange, green apple, celery, kiwi and carrot juice this morning and last night, pictured here:

I kept the skins on all the ingredients and just stuffed them into the Green Machine. I like to think that gives it more vitamins. It probably doesn't though. Leaving the orange peels on certainly gave it a nice kick though.

In other news I probably doubt I'll be getting up to much while I'm here. Just hanging out, relaxing, eating free food and maybe filming some collaborations with my sister. Woohoo!