Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Someday Summary | Monday:

Good morn' ya'll!

I thought I'd start a little series called 'Someday Summary'. I've seen them done on other blogs and I always enjoy having a little nosey into people's lives because I'm odd like that, so why not?!

On Monday this week I went down to the Ballarat Art Gallery and took a few snaps of their permanent collection. I love this gallery, it's situated in the heart of Ballarat (about 90 minutes west of Melbourne, for those interested) and housed in a beautiful grand old building. As you walk in you are greeted by an enormous staircase with wrought-iron decor topping the banisters and huge, huge, Chinese urns with incredibly detailed dragons curling around them. I wish I'd gotten a picture of the entrance as describing it really doesn't do it justice.

This painting is so stunning, the girl on the right reminds me of Snow White in her little blue dress and cap. 

I love the way the artist captured the light in this. Le sigh, I wish I could paint like this.

I love the grand (grand!) frames on paintings in galleries. The moldings are so, so amazing. I had to take a close up!

Isn't this chair the best conversation piece? It's so great! Imagine sitting in this with two friends. Each of you with a project on your lap, drink in hand and good conversation fluttering through the air about your heads.

This piece is so strange to look at in real life. I swear it moves!

Stunning Indigenous artwork. I love dot work.

I took a few photos of the permanent collection, they have some amazing Australian artists such as Charles Blackman and Sidney Nolan, as well as Indigenous art and very old (think gold rush) oil paintings and sculptures on the second storey. The above painting by Charles Blackman is probably my favourite because my housemate Bonnie did an appropriation of it which now hangs above my bed. :)

Xo, Ellen