Monday, July 21, 2014

Practising Gratitude:

original image property of Jocelyn Wardle

You can't be the person you are & achieve the things you have without having been granted the opportunity to possess every moment you've experienced leading up to now.

No matter how upset you might be, there's something to be grateful for RIGHT NOW. Whether it's the sunshine, your morning coffee, the fact that you live in a peaceful country. You are lucky in some aspect. Hell, if your country is rich enough to allow you to be on the internet reading this blog post right now YOU ARE LUCKY. You have SOMETHING to be grateful for.

I wrote about mindfulness yesterday, and today I want to talk about how important it is to practice gratefulness in every day life.

One of my favourite bloggers, Gala Darling, developed a series years and years ago called 'Things I love Thursday' where every Thursday she would list the things she loved and was grateful for. In an effort to inject a little gratefulness into my life and pay it forward, I thought I would write my own list today:

1. Philosophical morning chats with friends.
2. Being able to tell my housemates about a nightmare and have them help me laugh it off.
3. Watching another housemate paint one of the most stunning pictures I have ever seen.
4. The most satisfyingly beautiful prose I have ever come across in Markus Zusak's the Book Thief.
5. The colour lilac/lavender. Just any kind of pastel purple, really. I can't get enough!
6. Percolated coffee as opposed to instant. Oh how my mornings have gotten better!
7. Being able to dive into my onesie on a cold Tuesday morning.
8. Cold Tuesday mornings! What an invigorating frost I've woken up to today!
9. The Youtube channel 'Yoga with Adriene', her little work outs are REALLY helping with my back pain.
10. Freshly washed, pink hair! I recently brushed out my dreadlocks, and though I was really, really sad to see them go my hair is now pink and I think that's worth celebrating.
11. Reacing 60,000 words in my manuscript.
12. A National Geographic article about Aliens.
13. A new phone which takes amazing photos.
14. The ideology of Buddhism, and the method of 'walking the middle way'.
15. Flowers that should be out of season but have managed to fight their way through the biting frost and catch the weak winter sun :)

So, those are fifteen things I am grateful for. What are you grateful for? Let me know in the comments section, or in your own post and link me to it!

Xo, Ellen