Sunday, July 6, 2014

On Trend: Peach Eyeshadow and Rose-Gold Lips:

Hello, hello!

Today's post is about make-up because I am nothing if not an active make-up addict. It makes my face all good and stuff. Which is probably a massive service to the public.

As a blue-eyed girl I find deviating from my comfortable gold and brown eye shadow palette difficult. I wish my eyes were brown or hazel so I could pull off lovely shades of khaki -gold green and bright icy blues such as these looks featured on Beauty Vlogger Tanya Burr's Youtube Channel:

But alas I cannot without looking like a bit of a crazy bag lady. I don't think my extremely bright red hair helps with the whole 'not looking mental' goal either. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to stumble across the trend of peach eyeshadow in the fashion and beauty world as seen here on the lovely Kat Dennings:


I love how this look seems to be a very modern twist on an old Hollywood classic. The liquid liner and red lipstick keep it so tried-and-true and the peach eyeshadow and gold undertones in the red lip just offer such a fresh and unique take. 

I'm going to call that amazing kind of red-gold lip colour Rose Gold even though it's much, much redder than the metal. I do have one of these Rose Gold colours for lips but the label has rubbed off so I cannot tell where it's from. 

Regardless, Echolic Beauty on Youtube has a great video (based around orange lipsticks) which can guide you to a few amazing natural, cruelty-free lip products by Red Apple such as this one named 'Strawberry Lips'.

I love Red Apple's way of describing the colour as 'brown-kissed red'. That's much better than my, 'rose gold' attempt! Good thing I never ended up with my old dream job of naming make-up products, haha.

I'm yet to find the perfect peach eye shadow to add to my ever-growing wishlist. Although I don't doubt the girls over at Rockeresque won't be able to sort me out once their site is back up and running! In the mean time I'll just keep appreciating this Kat Dennings look.