Sunday, July 13, 2014


Hello all!

In today's FOODIARY I thought I'd do a little write up of these absolutely DELICIOUS vegan buckwheat pancakes that I completely fluked the other day. The recipe is really easy, really healthy and of course you can top them with whatever you want.


For Pancake:

*Chia seeds
*Buckwheat flour
*Oat milk
*Olive oil

For Topping:

*1/2 Zucchini 
*3x cherry tomatoes
*Pink himalayan salt (or whatever salt you like best, I don't own you)


Topping First:

If you're making a savoury pancake like mine I like to make my topping first because this heats up the pan for the pancake mix later on & makes sure you'll get a super-crispy pancake.

For the topping pictured just heat up your frypan and add a splash of olive oil. Next slice your zucchini and tomatoes quite finely and drop 'em in there. Stir it all up with some salt and pepper and then move to a separate plate.

Now, onto the pancake:

First, make yourself a 'chia egg' in a separate glass. I like to do this by dropping about half a teaspoon of chia seeds into about two-three inches of water. Next up, mix about a third of a cup of buckwheat flour with a generous splash of oil (I really hate measuring, can you tell?) and as much oat milk as you desire. The point is to get your mixture to a runny 'pre-cooked pancake' consistency. I like mine to be quite runny because I like to swirl them around in the pan and pretend I'm a real-life TV chef while cooking. Also, there's always that exciting possibility they'll turn into crepes when you do this. So yeah, that.

Once your pancake mixture is runny as dump a few spoonfuls into the now-super hot pan, it should start to look something like this:

you sure are Mr Pancake, you sure are.
Now flip that shit.

And you're done! Pop your pancake (or two, or three as I ended up with) on a plate, add hummus and avocado and pre-cooked topping and enjoy! I found these pancakes to be really light, a little crisp around the edges (mmm-mmm!) and just plain delicious. I was v.v proud ;)

I feel like I should note the following; buckwheat is really selling itself short with that name. I mean, I would have never expected something known as 'buckwheat' to taste this good. 

Enjoy, beautiful people!

Xo, Ellen