Thursday, July 24, 2014

Break Free, Ruby Rose:

Ruby Rose recently released a short film via her Youtube channel, which illustrates the struggle between the genders Male and Female for those who do not fit into the current gender binary.

The film depicts Rose transforming from a blonde woman, to a young dark-haired man with tattoos. Randomly enough, said man looks a little like teenage Leonardo DiCaprio but that's really not the point of the video...

Rose has openly discussed her issues with the current gender binary and how she felt, from a young age, that she felt she did not fit into it as comfortably as many of her peers. Rose wrote and produced the film, which features music by Butterfly Boucher, and it was directed by Philip Lopez.

The film is quite bold, representing something (gender fluidity) which is, unfortunately still very taboo in our society. The music and execution is beautiful, as well as Rose's change in presentation between her 'female' and 'male' selves. The way she differentiates her attitude and confidence in each mindset is phenomenal. I felt, by the end of the film, that she had brilliantly showcased how much more comfortable she was in one self than the other - leading me to believe that it was not her own identity struggles or victories, but the fact that she could CHOOSE her identity, to be the underlying message in the film.

I think it's well-worth the watch and think long and hard about. Gender bending oneself can be a really interesting experience, I once did so myself which you can read about here. The things my mind focused on really interested me.

Xo, Ellen