Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Little Things

Hello all!

A very wise friend of mine once said, 'when you slow down, you start to notice all the other people who slow down too.' 

Sometimes the best parts of your day can be the smallest: A jasmine flower with the perfect star-shaped form and five Fibonacci petals; a coffee you make that works out perfectly; a discussion with friends that stimulates your mind; surprise visits; knowing that change is coming and feeling okay with it; waking up in clean, fresh sheets; op-shop bargains for under $5.00; having the confidence to speak your mind and realising it halfway through your sentence; finding the ability to laugh at yourself; a nice comment in person/online; getting 72 notes on a piece of writing on Tumblr (lol); noticing chili plants in the middle of Melbourne; looking through old photos and laughing at your five-year-old bowl cut; finding similarities in the pasts of others; singing 'Destiny's Child' songs with your siblings; the smell of a fresh notebook and the feel of new ink meeting its' pages for the first time; understanding the deeper meaning of a Disney film twenty-four hours after watching it and getting 'feels' all over again; looking around your bedroom and remembering the stories behind your possessions, where they've traveled with you and why; reading a brilliant article on climate change; seeing an amazing photograph, shot from an impossible angle. 

These are little things that have made my day over the past few weeks. What's made yours?