Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Big Snip:

Hello All!

The other day I had my friend James shave both sides of my head in preparation for me getting tracks - y'know, cause I'm a real life rock superstar who lives hard, plays hard & hustles like a motherfucker - we couldn't put the tracks in (yet!) due to a clipper/razor issue BUT while he was away I decided, hey, what the hell I might chop the rest of my hair off (let's face it, I was drooling over pictures of Ruby Rose on instagram) and thus I did so.

It wasn't too hard of a decision for me to make, I know a lot of girls are very attached to their hair (Hah! I'm so punny) but I've been doing pixie crops once or twice a year since I was about fifteen and I do enjoy the ability to have a fauxhawk/get mistaken for a member of One Direction.

I then decided to perm it so that I could realise my dream of becoming a human high-rise/Vanilla Ice & dye it. The silly thing is now though, I'm getting dreadlocks this weekend haha. Stay tuned next week for another hairy adventure :)