Thursday, April 17, 2014

Has Youtube Become my new Reality TV?

Lately I've been finding myself addicted to Youtube - as I write this I have a Sprinkle of Chatter Vlog buffering in another tab. That's probably not uncommon in this day and age, what might be more uncommon however is the fact that I'm just as addicted to youtuber Vlog and Day in the Life channels as I am to their main programs.

It started when I discovered vlogmas. Over the month of December (2013) most top-tier youtubers were filming their day-to-day activities as they braved the hustle and bustle of places like Harrods and various Disney stores (not to mention all the videography of Universal Studios Harry Potter set!) looking for the perfect present for their families and partners. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the twinkling lights, gently falling snow and candy-themed countdowns to December 25th. This was about the time I started thinking about making my own youtube channel. I was really excited about the prospect of having a little space online where I could dish out thoughts and questions and share opinions/have debates with others. Vlogmas was also a great way to kill an afternoon when I was bored.

You see, I'd recently been turned off most of my favourite reality TV shows. I love reality TV. I used to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians all the time, I've delved into RuPaul's Drag Race and I had just hit high school when Laguna Beach (the REAL O.C unh-tiss, unh-tiss) blasted onto TV screens across the globe. However, I found myself at a bit of a disconnect with these shows because well, they aren't exactly relate able unless you're a millionaire living in Calabasses, L.A. You can get a little irritated when you're watching people who seem to really do nothing at all. You think, why is this even on TV? Why am I watching this? Seriously though, why have I been sitting here for eight hours smashing this season of Laguna Beach? Why the hell am I this invested in Kimye's relationship?

I couldn't really deal with the lack of decent conversation on my favourite reality TV shows. Simultaneously it also kind of hit me that I often watch these shows purely for home decor inspiration (sue me, I'm an old lady). But what was attractive to me about entirely white walls, marble countertops and OTT-everything? Not much at all. I'm a simple kinda girl. I'm also a hippy at heart.

I don't really know what EXACTLY it was that made me switch of the TV and type in my favourite vloggers usernames. Perhaps it's because they inadvertently share parts of themselves you may not see on their main channels. You don't get that with 'reality' TV. There's a tone to each show, episode, scene. It might not be 'scripted' exactly but it's at least as scripted as a youtube video. When it comes to a 'day in the life' vlog there are laughs, slip ups, them explaining how they'll edit something. I do wonder why I can watch a ten-minute vlog twice in a month because 'I like it' - do I find Louise Glitter's voice soothing? Do I like Tyrannosaurus Lex's opinion-sharing vlogs where she lays out realtalk near-accidentally? Do I find it adorable when Zoella giggles and smile at her flickering fairy lights? Yes. Yes to all three!

Perhaps it's because these women are so much easier to relate to than those perfectly coiffed minxes who are followed around by make-up artists and edit out all their mistakes before their TV show hits screens world over. Perhaps it's simply because I like their bedroom decor. Whatever it is, I really appreciate having found a new medium to not only turn my brain off too, but also to get involved in.

Well, that was a nice little ramble with myself. Let me know what you guys think, what do you feel you like best about your favourite Youtuber's channels? It could be anything from their bedrooms to their adorable laughs or sign-offs.