Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Excuse my angry face, I really thought I was smiling when I took this...hahaha

Hello all!

I thought I'd share another new kind of post today, a Face of the Day. Feat. My day-to-day make-up. 
Although I kind of change my make-up a little bit every day because I get bored easily, this is generally what it looks like give or take a different lipstick/eye shadow.

I prime my face with Savvy by DB's primer (cheap and cruelty-free!), use Nude by Nature's liquid foundation as a base, follow that with Savvy by DB's concealer, and add the Nude by Nature mineral foundation powder over that. Voila! Base done.

Next up I like to use the Savvy by DB highligher on my cheeks, nose, and brow bone. After that I dust a light pink blush over my cheeks, fill my brows in with a red-brown eyeshadow and then use a little of that same shadow colour on my lids. I'm partial to the sixties cat-flick eyeliner look so that is generally my penultimate step before...Mascara! 

Hair-wise I just shoved my fringe under this bandanna and flipped my dreads to one side. I played around with a braid a few times, but settled on wearing them out (not pictured) in the end. 

Hope you're all well.

Xo, Ellen