Monday, April 21, 2014

Earth Day!

Hello All!

It's that time of year again!

No, it's not Christmas (not yet! Boy oh boy, you guys just WAIT til it's Christmas on this blog...) but it IS Earth day! Woohoo! A whole day dedicated to celebrating this amazing planet. I filmed a Youtube video chatting about Earth Day, the Canopy Project and all the fun things you could possibly do to appreciate this planet and all it's incredible beauty. The list is endless; you could walk around the neighbourhood, have a picnic in the park, plant a tree...Anything! Do whatever you want to do to make this planet happier and healthier.

If you're busy this 22nd of April remember, ANY day can be Earth Day! Sidenote: In the Southern Hemisphere this 22nd/23rd of April there will be a most beauteous meteor shower, and the 23rd will be Shakespeare's birth/death day (ironic, right?) SO MANY THINGS TO CELEBRATE!

You can head over to to find out more information about Earth Day. Did you know it's been running annually since the 1970's?

I hope you are all well and have been stuffed to the brim with chocolate after this Easter weekend.

Xo, Ellen