Sunday, April 27, 2014

Channeling Elsa from Frozen

So, I jumped on the 'Frozen' bandwagon.

I tried to watch it a few weeks ago and couldn't really be bothered, then I watched it while travelling the other day and my reaction was kind of like this:

It was amazing! I don't think it was quiiiiite on par with Brave - aka, the best Disney film ever. But it was a great story with a lovely message, the animation was beautiful and that 'Let it Go' song? OMG.

I posted the other day about pastels being a winter shade (in my opinion at leas). I'm being a 'trend snob' I think. Winter is always full of tartan, oxblood, mulled wine, and while I adore these prints and shades I decided, fuck it. This winter I want to dress like a snowflake.

I was watching videos of snowflakes forming on Youtube the other day. It's so amazing. The Earth blows my mind every damn day, you should look these videos up! Seriously.

But back to the fashion-y stuff, I had a trawl through the internet and found a few of my favourite pastel items you could sport this winter:

The Pastel Scarf:
This scarf (from etsy) is a pastel rainbow. Channel your inner unicorn by pairing this with some pretty light-wash denim jeans and maybe a grey (or whatever you choose!) loose tank/T-shirt. I like the idea of adding either brown or pastel loafers to this look. But motorcycle boots, cons or your favourite Docs would look great too. Add a leather jacket for warmth and to toughen things up.

I also really like the idea of layering long necklaces under scarves. Although I do find it hard to put a necklace on when it's a freeeeeezing morning and touching anything cold is AWFUL (or maybe that's just me). This one (also from etsy) is really simple and striking:


Because pastel isn't really much of a winter trend I thought I'd stick to accessories and singular items in this blog post. I don't mind breaking the fashion 'rules' because I don't really pay any attention to them and just wear what makes me happy anyway, but I know some people really enjoy following trends and trying new things (which is awesome!) so I thought I might show you a few ways to use pastels in your winter wardrobe, channel Frozen's Elsa, and even re-use some items you might have thought were just for summer!

Here is a look I created by pairing my pastels with basic black slacks and a plain blazer:

I wore an oversized grey T, black blazer, tie-dyed blue and white scarf, feather ring, rose ring, and two nail polishes; one in eggshell blue, the other a light blue glitter topcoat.

I think it's cool to do what you will with trends, have fun with them and break the boundaries of whatever's 'in' this season. Have fun channeling your inner snowflake, guys!

Xo, Ellen