Saturday, April 19, 2014

As if Pastels Aren't a Winter Shade...

Hello all!

Normally I like quite a classic winter colour palette. This is probably because I really like deep burgundies, tartans and all other kinds of 'wintry' go-to's year-round. However, this week I've been noticing myself being drawn towards a very light colour palette.'s least attractive sick face
I was told several months ago by a few friends that pastel clothing seems to really suit my skin tone. I am very, very pale and have blue/green eyes, a cool skin tone and (dyed!) red hair. I'd never actually paid that much attention to the colours I chose though. I like what I like, I buy things on impulse and all I really know about colours + me is that pink suits me, but red hair suits me better. So it was kind of funny to see myself been drawn towards specific colours. Especially colours that aren't my usual jewel tones or super-darks.

I bought a nail polish by Savvy by DB (a cruelty-free New Zealand make-up brand, I also use their primer under Nude by Nature foundation) called 'grape jelly' because it was on sale, but I was a little hesitant to try it because it actually didn't look that nice in the bottle (see, complete impulse. I even buy things I think I DON'T like) but this morning I popped it on my nails and MAN was I surprised.

It's so pretty! It's currently autumn in Australia and tartan, faux fur and all the usual winter staples are flying off the shelves, so that's probably why this particular shade of purple was on sale. Pastel is generally reserved for spring and summer trends, right? Anyway, I really, really love this shade of purple. It seems to have a very cool, almost silvery tone to it which compliments my skin perfectly. It also dries very matte. And Savvy by DB are an affordable CRUELTY FREE drugstore brand. As a vegetarian I refuse to buy products which are animal-tested so this polish just wins all awards from me. It makes me want to watch Disney's 'Frozen' and dance around under a rain of glitter while painting snowflakes on top of my nails. It makes me want to wear all white and pale blue outfits and stomp around in the rain. It just makes me feel so, so pretty, and all it is is a nail colour, haha!

I went shopping a few weeks ago because I needed some new winter clothes/basics, etc. I didn't really complete that mission because I was distracted by the fact that Target and other stores were choc-a-block with tartan...but had NO nice fitted flanno's under $30. I refuse to pay that much for a flanno if a bloke who shops at Lowes only has to pay $10. So, for those of you reading I am still on the look out for a nice, well-priced, store which stocks fitted flannel button-ups for women. Comment below if you can direct me to any!
I DID however complete a mission in-store of trawling through the sales racks and a few awesome items. I decided to pair a few of them with my lavender docs, Zara leggings and Grape Jelly nail polish. I think I was having a slightly purple-themed day today...

I adore when the 'little things', even things as simple as a nail polish can make you so, so happy. After a rough few years battling many illnesses, friendships gained and lost, moving, trying to fit my degree around all of this pressure, my happiness is one of the things in the world which is most, most precious to me. I implore all my readers (however few, or many, there are) to always remember to be kind to themselves, to take care of themselves and others, and to stop and breathe and revel in the fact that there are moments in our lives which make us happy - and so often these are not big moments. They can be things as simple as having a giggle with friends, or getting a compliment from a stranger...Or even seeing a person who might usually seem down smile. I love happiness, mine and others. I want to be surrounded by it for the rest of my life. I'm so lucky that, right now, I really am.

I am wearing a cardigan found in the middle of melbourne by my mother, a jacket from tree of life, Zara leggings (found for $3 in an op-shop!) Collette Accessories handbag, Lavender Dr Martens boots and a shirt (not pictured) from Rivers.

Xo, Ellen