Saturday, March 1, 2014

Romy Skin Care: A Review:

Hello all!

It's about 7.30am here in Australia, and I've been using the Romy Skin Care Toner for about a week. I believe that makes it time for a review!

I recieved a sample of the Romy Kosmetic Skincare Facial Toner in the february Bellabox. Now, I know a lot of people don't like beauty boxes because they tend to focus on giving out skincare products rather than make up, but I am a self-confessed skincare junkie. I'm always on the lookout for new things that are natural and won't harm either my body or the Earth. Therefore, I was really impressed with this teensy bottle of Australian bush glory that came with the February Bellabox!

Romy Skincare is the brainchild of Rosemarie Elsa Bayne, a native Australian with a love for other native Australians - namely the amazing healing plants of our country! The brand hails from Sydney's northern beaches and boasts extracts of Lillypilly, quandong, pine needles and other excellent Australian bush fruits, all carefully gathered and blended to help certain skin types.

The Kosmetic Facial Toner comes in a cute little spray bottle, the box that spray bottle comes in is made of a nice, thick recycled cardboard with a cool little red and white design. In my view, that simple packaging gets a 10/10 why? It's recycled and it's cute. 'Nuff said.

The instructions read that, post cleansing, you just spray the toner on. No wipes, no cotton buds, none of that. Just spray her on. I did this, but as I have problem skin I sprayed, wiped and then sprayed again. Luckily the product is a gentle giant - it's natural formula means it is non-irritant but works wonders. Well, at least it did for my, very dry, skin.

The bottle claims to heal, rejuvenate and reduce redness. Personally I found that it worked on all three counts: My spots are smaller and seem to be occurring less frequently, whilst my skin tone is also evening out, not only this but everything is healing quite a lot faster.

After roughly a week of good results using this toner in the morning and night I decided it was time to buy another one, so I ordered both the toner and a cinnamon and cocoa body wash from the website here.

The only 'issue' I have with this product is that it comes in such a tiny size! For $15.00AUD you only receive 150mL, which is unfortunately expensive. But I am a big fan, and it's a rare occurrence that I actually find something this clean, green and helpful for my skin. I try out the Sukin toner next as it generally comes in a bigger size, but for right now I'm willing to pay the $15.00AUD for this one.

Xo, Ellen